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Welcome to the Skills page of my website, this is a more complete list of the skills that i have, with some explanations about some of the other non-show day things that i do.

GrandMa 2 programming
-    For the Banks tour, I was the lighting director and the console specified was a GrandMa 2 Light. It was my responsibility everyday to setup the desk, update palettes, clone house fixtures into the rig, check SMPTE timecode and run the show. In addition, for festival shows, i had to create new programming to allow for variances in the lighting rig layout. 

Vectorworks Design and Layout
-    I create plots in Vectorworks and use simple composition theory to lay out the drawings in an intuitive way that makes the plots easy to understand. See examples in the projects section of my website.

Show Paperwork creation.
-    I use multiple programs to generate show paperwork to help out the techs on the road troubleshoot their rigs. My preferred method is a Microsoft Access Database with a few different form layouts to sort and organize information in different ways. I have also used this program to print off fixture labels with the company's logo, unit number, and universe number and DMX address. See examples in the projects section of my website.

Moving light diagnosis, repair, and cleaning
-    For Special Event Services, I often take on repair projects with lights that have unknown issues through the diagnosis, talking with manufacturers, ordering, replacing or repairing parts, and finally testing. In addition, I also clean moving lights using a method to clean as many parts as possible to extend the life of and produce the best quality beam possible.

Soldering and Circuit Repair
-    On many occasions i have been charged with the task of manufacturing a wide variety of standard cables from unbalanced 1/4" TS Instrument cables, through 3,4,5,6 pin XLR and even soldering new heads on a Multi-Cable. In addition, I have made a few custom projects as well, including a 2 channel projector remote snake Break-In/Break-Out utilizing 5-Pin DMX cable for a majority of the run. During the  course of repairing gear in the shop. I have also successfully repairing circuit boards when components obviously need to be replaced.

Network Management and Troubleshooting
-    During the rebuild of the Joyce Meyer Ministries rig, we went with Pathway Connectivity Pathport devices to handle all of our Artnet needs. I helped design, implement and integrate this system with the existing Hog-NET System. I also dealt with Artnet integration into Ma2-NET for the 2014 Zac Brown Tour.

Truck Packs
- The last step in the shop process is packing the truck to go out on the road. I have learned from watching one of the best truck packers in the industry and use his techniques to insure a quick, logical and safe pack. Every pack is then drafted in Vectorworks and laminated to insure it can be repeated every night. See examples in the projects section of my website.