Power and Data Dirstribution System for the Avett Brothers 2013.
Power and Data Distribution, Dimming, Motor Control and Com Setup for the Avett Brothers. This is the first thing that I setup every day.

Messing with edge blending on the Projectors for the Avett Brothers
First Time setting up the Projectors on the Avett Brothers. Here is mid Setup. After taking this, it showed that cameras reveal imperfections in the edge blending and color temperature variations. Looking at the screen through a camera is now an important step in my day.

Backstage at the Avett Brothers 2013.
Backstage during the show at the Avett Brothers

Fixing studio beams in the shop.
When I am not out on Tour with the Avett Brothers, I am usually in the SES Warehouse working on moving lights. These Studio Beams needed some TLC after being on the Joyce Meyer Ministries Tour.

Rock Fore Dough in Augusta, Georgia
was a benefit concert for First Tee Augusta and is a good overview for those that don't know what an entertainment electrician does.

Rock Fore Dough