Over the past 5 years, I have created many models using Google's wonderful SketchUp program.  My  abilities evolved out of my experience in Computer Aided drafting in high school. Back when i was modeling in Autocad 2000 LT. 3d modeling in Sketch-up is quick and intuitive with a minimal learning curve. Given this, I've modeled many things, some of which I've shared on the online Library. Check out some of my models below.

This is an original model of mine, it is
an outdoor movie theater and grilling station. 
This was made 5/2012

This is a Vari*lite VLX. It is the first
model that i created from a real object. 
Made 10/2010

Replica of an Altman 6x9 Ellipsoidal. 
Made 2/2011